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Revolutionize Your Security Company with The Skylar App - Your Ultimate TEAM Solution!

"Ready to Elevate Your Security Services?
Try The Skylar App!"

Imagine the frustration of trying to keep track of your security guard team's schedules and assignments manually.


Picture the stress of handling client inquiries, ensuring prompt responses, and maintaining a seamless workflow without a streamlined system.


As a security company owner, you know the significance of delivering top-notch services to your clients and staying ahead in the industry, but outdated management practices can hinder your progress and growth.

All-in-one features

  • Guard Management 

  • Reporting features

  • Client Management 

  • Chat box  

  • Invoice and Payroll Tracking

  • Reports

  • Web Dashboard 

  • Mobile App 

  • Conference & Community 

  • Master Classes & Coaching 


            and, much more. 

Subscribe to The Skylar App Today!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your security company to the next level. Join the ranks of successful security companies using The Skylar App to manage their team of guards and clients seamlessly.

Download The Skylar App now and unlock the full potential of your security business!

"Transform Your Security Business - Download The Skylar App Today!"

Introducing The Skylar App - the game-changer for security companies! Developed by Jamine Moton, a successful security company owner who understands the industry's demands, The Skylar App is a powerful web app dashboard and mobile application designed exclusively for security guard companies like yours.

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