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Skylar Security is a referral-based luxury security guard boutique that offers brand-specific security guards services to clients, security guards and traditional security companies. Skylar focuses on customizing security services to not just client but the guards that service them. Skylar Security is based in Atlanta.

Security is an Emotion.™

Everyone deserves to be safe. ®


Request Skylar. 



Our team feels like Skylar fights for us. If it's Skylar or another company they manage, the quality expectations are the same.


I called so many security companies and never heard back from any of them. Skylar called back almost immediately. I am glad they did.  



Excellent customer service and very accommodating to a challenging project that had no set end date. It was great to know that I could make last minute changes. Would definitely recommend.



"I highly recommend Skylar Security. All of the guards are extremely professional, have excellent communication skills and provide great service. I wouldn’t choose any other company."

Unfortunately, the garage door was broken on our Condo and people starting squatting where we parked our cars. We heard about Skylar’s mobilization. We were concerned that we wouldn’t find someone. Skylar was reliable and professional. Love this team.

I needed an immediate security service. I called Skylar. Jamine assured me it would be in place. It was and I was more than satisfied in the Skylar guard.



Skylar was an absolute professional in understanding the needs of my event. Their pricing is fantastic. I'm really excited to work with them!


Thank you for the way you conduct business and bring that extra customer service to your staff training. This was a testament from one of our workers at the Urgent Cares and wanted to pass along for you to share with your staff. Thank you for a great foundation to build on.


Exceptional FIRST CLASS customer service from start to finish! The service I received from Skylar Security is UNMATCHABLE!
If you want EXCELLENCE, PROFESSIONALISM and ALL of the above, you want to go with Skylar! I highly recommend them for all facets of security. I used them as private security for A-List Celebrity client and
I would use them again.


I don’t know who all needs to hear it, but please know that as one who is often Greeter, I am SO thankful we have security here. Every person I have worked with since it started has been incredibly nice and helpful and it is very reassuring to have somewhat of a buffer between us and some of the parents we deal with.


I have to say that the woman today that was with us was amazing! She actively informed everyone about our center not currently having COVID tests available, she was right on top of it as far as visitor restriction, handed out masks and I even saw her notice a family getting out of the car with an injured patient and she took a wheelchair out to them. She has been on top of things 100%!


This has been a crazy, stressful time but for me this has made a HUGE difference- It has been truly helpful to have them here assisting us in this way.



Not your average security company. Staff are like family and shifts are always available. !I've learned that security is a emotion and everyone deserves to be safe. At Skylar, not only do you provide secure and adequate services for valued clients, staff are also taught the importance of "BEING ON BRAND". 



Skylar Security is by far the #1 security service company in the  business today. They put the professional in professionalism. Skylar Security hires only the best.They will  push you to be the best you can be and provide you with the tools to succeed to your highest potential. Skies is the limit with opportunities in advancement working with Skylar Security services. 



I recommend Skylar because Skylar seeks, molds, and polishes great potential to generate fully functioning leaders of society through a system designed to help others feel safe through security.


Being an athlete, I really believe in the power of a team. Skylar is exactly that. The "no man left behind" mentality and work ethic are unmatched. We're not only a service to our community but to each other. We lookout for each other while serving and securing selflessly.



I was hesitant at first because I'm a woman. I just wanted to make some extra money without jeopardizing my safety. I decided to join after seeing I'm working with an extended family I never knew I needed. Now I'm making good money and have picked up skills that I will never forget. 



Security is an Emotion, right? 


Skylar Security exceeds every expectation of great customer service and professionalism. Glad to be partnering for the growth of an amazing company. 


Count on Skylar to get the job done with pride and excellence!