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Secure Your World with
Tailor-Made, Protection Personalized for Your
Peace of Mind!

Welcome to Skylar Security, where we provide white-glove security guard solutions for your property, person, or business. We believe that Security is an Emotion™ , and we understand the safety of your team and your family is paramount, so we offer the best security services to protect what you value the most. 


At Skylar Security, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs, from residential, commercial high rise buildings to construction site protection. Our team of experts works closely with your team to develop a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle, preferences, budget and your unique client style.

 Notes from our clients

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"The team and professional service provided by Ms. Jamine Moton and her team is impeccable and unmatched. The clients always have great things to say about the guards and overall performance. Skylar is a very well-managed company and I recommend them for any security guard or private protection services!"


Protecting Your Community

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Benefits of working with Skylar

Excellent customer service, we bridge the gap between security & hospitality, We also believe everyone has the right to feel safe.

We listen to the challenges our clients are
facing, and present them with the solutions that
make them feel seen, heard, and protected.

We are quick mobile responsive, having "boots
on the ground" for our clients within hours of
being notified.

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Jamine Moton 

With over eight years of experience in law enforcement and strong business acumen, Jamine Moton is highly regarded for her unrivaled innovation, premium vendor network, service-first culture, and highly trained, industry leading private security team. Moton, former Metro Atlanta Police Sargent, is the Founder & CEO of Skylar Security, a boutique-style security guard company based in Atlanta, GA, with groundbreaking worldwide technology applications. Before launching Skylar Security, Moton researched and studied the industry for three years. Her findings revealed abuse of authority, dishonest business practices, poor opinions of security companies and security workers, below-average wages, and the lack of quality control. Moton began to build technology that addressed the problems while regulating the infrastructure of her new endeavor. Today, Skylar Security employs 150 highly trained professionals who deliver the security and compliance outcomes needed, so clients can focus on what the business does best.

Experience Security
like never before.

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84 Peachtree Street NW Atlanta, Georgia 30318

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 'Security is an emotion' ™

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