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Jamine Moton – The Former Track Star Racing To Revolutionize The Security Industry

Jamine Moton has been protecting people for as long as she can remember. In high school, she was a “bullies bully,” using her imposing size and athletic prowess to stick up for students who couldn’t defend themselves. It was that same size and prowess that carried her to Clemson on track and basketball scholarships.

By the time Moton walked away from the world of collegiate track and field in 2004, she was a national champion, a hammer throw record holder, an Olympic alternate and a future hall of famer. However, when Moton retired from her sport, she didn’t leave her identity as an athlete behind her. Rather, she combined her skillset as a track star with her passion for protecting people to start her own company: Skylar Security. In 2019, Moton is preparing to scale her company to $1 million in revenue. She has no intentions of stopping there.

Moton’s leap from the upper echelons of athletics to entrepreneurial success didn’t come without its hurdles, and it didn’t happen in record time. After receiving a masters degree in human resources training and development and business management from Clemson in 2004, Moton eventually moved from South Carolina to Atlanta, where she took a job with the Clayton County Police Department in 2012 as a sergeant.

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