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Less than two years after launching ‘SKYLAR SECURITY’, founder Jamine Moton achieves global recognition on the world’s largest stage for investor-ready entrepreneurs.

(ATLANTA, June 14, 2019) An Atlanta-based entrepreneur, specializing in customized and intuitive personal security solutions, was selected from more than 5,500 entrepreneurs in 140 countries, to attend the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES2019).

Jamine Moton, founder and CEO of Skylar Security recently traveled to The Hague, Netherlands as a result of winning the pitch competition of the graduation for the 2019 Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI). In front of a selection committee comprised of Carla Harris, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, Koosje De Vries, Deputy Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Bobby Condon, General Manager for WeWork. Moton was chosen to represent the city of Atlanta, after achieving the highest score based on capacity for revenue growth, approach to innovation and ability to accelerate job creation. Moton pitched her concept of innovative technology solutions around the management of security guards and the clients they serve.

Ard van der Vorst, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands stated, “We are honored to present Jamine Moton of Skylar Security the Golden Ticket for GES 2019 in The Hague. She is such an inspiration for women entrepreneurs in the US and the world.” Koosje De Vries, Deputy Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands states, “The business world is better off with more women entrepreneurs; equality and inclusivity. We are, therefore, proud to have a women entrepreneur start-up from Atlanta represented at GES2019.”

After three days immersed in the investor-intensive environment of GES2019, Moton returned to Atlanta, energized to apply the resources and opportunities of the experience to further scaling her business with the belief that the true essence of innovation is implementing today the innovation that will impact our future. Skylar is committed to remaining at the cutting edge of innovation in the security industry and will continue challenge our markets to discover new ways to serve our community and continue to innovate how security impacts our community today, tomorrow and into the future.

Moton stated, “As a startup, opportunities to grow my brand are directly tied to my ability to expand my job-creating capacity. My experience at GES2019 has reinforced my focus on scaling my business to have a global footprint, both in terms of where we operate and who employ, but also in how we innovate new products and services to meet the demands of our clients.”

Skylar has experienced substantial scale since its launch in February 2019. A recent graduate of the 2018-2019 cohort of Atlanta’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI), Moton’s success includes participating as a small business vendor in the 2019 Super Bowl LIII, while expanding into four U.S states, and acceptance into the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. Adapting the experiences earned during GES 2019, Skylar’s strategic vision for 2020 includes implementing an innovative security infrastructure with smart city interconnectivity, as she scales Skylar on a local, regional and global level.

To learn more about Skylar Security, visit our website at www.skylarsecurity.com or contact us at (678) 878-7263 or info@skylarsecurity.com

To learn more about GES2019, visit the following : https://www.ges2019.org




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